CANSHOW Industrial Co., LTD.
泳慶工業股份 有有限公司
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About Company

泳慶工業股份有限公司,一直秉持服務顧客為最崇高的使命,在塑膠射出成型製造方面從1976年【一家塑膠廠2台射出機開始、揚偉公司至今泳慶工業(股)公司】射出成型機將近40台且累積30多年來的經驗,經不斷擴廠及多次更新硬體設備並擁有雙色塑膠射出成型機數台,讓顧客有更多樣化的選擇空間;在全球化的劇變下,導入自動化概念,降低成本、提高產能,使得公司更具競爭力;設有研發部門、代客設計,泳慶工業股份有限公司將會一直持續成長,也是您最佳的選擇。 *發展與業界的策略聯盟關係:與客戶一同開發研發,與廠商協調最佳的成本 *擴充生產能力:導入自動化生產及不斷擴充現有產能,可以增加經濟規模 *增進垂直整合:生產流程整合,控制其產品品質

CANSHOW Industrial Co., LTD. is a professional injection-molding factory with thirty eight year's worth of experience. From the past to the present, we have strongly believed that satisfying our customer's needs is the primary responsibility of CANSHOW. In this professional field, we also have our own operating method of reducing the production cost and increasing quantity without lowering the quality standards that we have set. CANSHOW has a strong R&D team that helps make our company more outstanding than others. The company invites our customers to give us the opportunity to OEM or ODM their products. We really believe that CANSHOW Industrial Co., LTD is the best choice for your business partner in the near future. OPERATION CONCEPT The relationship between business and customers : Understanding what the customers need and trying to work with them in order to develop new products. We believe that having good communication and relationships with our customers is a very basic requirement for increasing product capabilities. Because of all the improvements we have recently undertaken, our production quantity and economy scale has been able to utilize vertical integration to suit the global community. Our company believes that this production processing integration is a key for controlling product quality.



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