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About Company

明暘科技有限公司成立於2004年 10月,主要營業項目以印刷電路板特用化學品與耗材為主。一直本著”務實、創新、服務”之精神服務客戶,多年來業績取得長足進步。所有員工皆專精於印刷電路板製程、物料及設備。秉持以往服務精神持續提供製程經驗,設廠規劃、品質控制及更有競爭力之產品。期使與我們配合的客戶強化體質,增進競爭力為目標。近期並積極介入薄膜按鍵開關和各式銘版(PVC、PC、鋁質等)之生產,其適用範圍含蓋各種電子用產品,如:家電、電腦、通訊、網路等電子產品,其中〝電熱片〞之最新消費或各式電子用產品元件,它是介由麥拉線路之接受電流而產生熱能,使得〝麥拉片〞能夠發熱產生保溫或發熱而產生除霧的功能,其應用於汽車後視鏡、浴鏡、電毯、保溫箱等。 競爭特點: 品質優良,交貨迅速 接受獨特設計或 Logo 多樣設計 接受小額訂單 接受原廠委託設計製造 ODM 接受原廠委託代工製造 OEM 最低訂購量:不拘

Ming Yang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2004, Main Business to printed circuit board-based specialty chemicals and supplies. Has always been the spirit of "pragmatism, innovation, service" the spirit of customer service, over the years made great progress in performance. All staff are specialize in printed circuit board manufacturing process, materials and equipment. Uphold the spirit of the past, continue to provide services to process experience, factory planning, quality control and the products more competitive. A view to bringing our customers with enhanced physical fitness, enhancing competitiveness as the goal. And is actively involved in the recent film version of key switches and a variety of Ming (PVC, PC, aluminum, etc.) production Its scope covers a variety of electronic products for, such as: home appliances, computers, communications, Internet and other electronic products , where "heating film", or the latest consumer electronics products for all kinds of components, which is mediated by the Mylar circuit currents resulting from the acceptance of heat, making the "Chip Shots" can have a thermal protection Temperature or fever resulting from fogging features applied to automobile rear-view mirror, bath mirror, electric blankets, Incubator, etc.. Competition characteristics: high quality, fast delivery Acceptance of a unique design or Logo Multiple design Accept small orders Acceptance of original design manufacturing ODM Accept OEM Original Equipment OEM Minimum order quantity: informality



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